Mohit Galani

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Mohit Galani, CEO & Founder

Mohit Galani being a self-motivated and enthusiastic person always considers his clients as an inspiration and his teammates as best colleagues. As the CEO and Founder of First Global Data Corp he tries to open vast possibilities for the clients. With a vast experience in Digital Marketing, Data Analytics and Networking, he has the knowledge he needs to guide his team and lead the way to Successful Startups. So with Mohit's Leadership First Global Data Corp becomes the best place ffor clients who just need the right solution from FGDC Team!

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Harshal Galani

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Harshal Galani, Co-Founder, CFO & MD

Harshal Galani having a vast experience in Digital Marketing and Web Development, always keeps in view Customer's requirements and also motivates the Development Team with new ideas and coding practices. He has experience in Data Analysis Firms, which makes him the right leader of the Development and Marketing Teams at FGDC. The FGDC team always looks forward to provide their best work with Harshal as their leader. He always inspires his team by stating "Do your Best, Get your Best and Share your Best". Harshal also helps in clients in deciding the Best Solution and the Development & Marketing Teams make it happen!

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Samarth Tyagi, VP Client Service

At FGDC, Samarth Tyagi manages quality assurance programmes and maintains a positive support with C-level Executives, Managers, our Team and Customers. He efficiently oversees inventory, distribution of goods and facility layout. Samarth is responsible for all client deliverables and recruitment at FGDC. He is a perfect Team manager and mediator to our Clients and CEO. He also looks after revenue optimization and employee target setting. Apart from all his responsibilities he encourages and motivates our Team to put their best and deliver the best solution to our Clients

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Strategy is at the Heart of What We Do

FGDC as an organization has successfully garnered ample business for itself and clients alike through undertaking transparent tasks and consistent implementation of feedbacks. As an organization, we ensure that we build our craft as we journey towards success never forgetting our roots and values along the way.

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